Casa dos Ecos


The pop-up at Casa dos Ecos (Echo House) showcases the best of seasonal Douro produce, bringing together two celebrated names from Portuguese gastronomy and wine – renowned fine wine and Port producers, the Symington family, and Michelin-starred chef, Pedro Lemos.

Chef Pedro Lemos uses locally-sourced produce to create a menu which constantly changes with each season. The pop-up serves regional Douro dishes using traditional techniques, including wood-fired cooking.

The menu is matched with the Symington family’s exceptional portfolio of Douro wines and Ports.

Casa dos Ecos is located on a ridge among the vineyards with a magnificent view of the Douro River at one of the Symington family’s most iconic estates, Quinta do Bomfim – famous for producing Dow’s Ports. Five generations of Symingtons have farmed this estate for over a century. 

The pop-up aims to create a unique space for people to experience authentic Douro culture in an informal setting.

Wednesday to Saturday:
We accept bookings from 12:30 to 21:00

We accept bookings from 12:30 to 16:00

Please make reservations via the link below.


After twelve years, it is with great pleasure that I am returning to the Douro to share my vision of the cuisine from the region. Ever since I first visited Casa dos Ecos at Quinta do Bomfim, I have always felt that it had the potential to become a very special space, where people could enjoy the best that the Douro has to offer: landscape, wine and food.

I am very pleased that the Symington family accepted this challenge and helped make this pop-up restaurant at Casa dos Ecos a reality. 

Welcome to the Douro. I’ll be waiting for you here!

Quinta do Bomfim
Pinhão, 5085-060 Pinhão, Alijó
+351 935 452 975
[email protected]
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